Why Dogs From Brokers Are Hard To Train

Brokers are considered to be the least reliable source of dog breeds simply because they make a profit by ,selling you the dog., Often you often just trust the word of the broker who of course makes a profit if he can persuade you to buy. If you buy a dog through a broker you often don’t have a chance to view it or the circumstances in which it has been born and bred. This makes it pretty easy for you to be sold an animal that has been abused, is malnourished or that has a birth defect due to being inbred.  

Many so called alpha-dogs are aggressive because they have been inbred.  

Usually these dog breed brokers are found selling online or selling in the classifieds sections of the newspaper. Some are scrupulous and respectable and others treat animals like livestock that is fed as cheaply as possible and the shipped to a customers.

As in any business there are good brokers and bad brokers but to stay in the business many brokers sometimes have to resort to less than ethical practices just to make a living.  The drawback of buying a puppy from a broker is that you are usually unable to talk to the breeder or human foster parents beforehand. In other words, this puppy could come from anywhere.

Many new owners of puppies bought from brokers have no idea of the puppy’s temperament or appearance until it is delivered to them either by air or car.  If you don’t have the opportunity to check out the breeder, then you are not a well-informed buyer.   It is amazing however, how well you can be swayed into purchasing a puppy by looking at a photograph that resembles the puppy that the broker is trying to seller by being emailed claims about a puppy’s temperament or pedigree that you would like to believe are true.  Brokers get their puppies from several sources, including commercial breeders that may or may not be licensed by the Department of Agriculture or similar regulatory bodies. Keep in mind that in many countries private breeders are not required to be licensed.  It just simply , a very corrupt business.  Period.  Sometimes puppy brokers buy litters (or get for them for free) for unsuspecting people who advertise their own litter for sale or adoption in local newspapers.   They then pass off these dogs as purebred for a higher price to you.  If you are making a lifetime commitment to a puppy, then he or she is worth a trip to visit in person. Surely a pet that may be with you sixteen years or is worth more than the convenience of being ordered up over the phone like a pizza.  

Also visiting the pet in person gives you an idea in general if it will be easy to train and how socialized it is. You can get an idea of the dog’s personality and hear personal stories from the breeder about the dog, its history and the history of its parents.