All About Dog Beds

If you don’t want a dog to sleep in your bed then make him his own lair. Dog beds are also an essential part of dog training. It gives a dog his own personal retreat and most dogs will gladly go to bed when commanded. Saying ,go to bed, when you have company is a good way to discipline the dog without hurting his feelings. Also if your dog has his own bed you won’t be spending hours removing dog hair from your bedding and pillows!  

A dog bed can help you train your pet from sleeping with you. A good idea is to put your dog’s bed at the foot of your own bed. For one thing it places your body above him so that he thinks you are the ,alpha dog, in the pack. This is because canines are wired to think that whoever sleeps the highest is the superior dog.This is also why when you let your dog sleep with you he is more likely to see you as an equal rather than a master.   Once this happens he is less likely to obey you and also do things like snap at you when you pass his food bowl.  

There are all kinds of absolutely fantastic dog beds out there on the market. There are designer ones. They also come in all shapes, styles and color so you are likely to find the dog bed that is absolutely right for you whether you are shopping online or in a retail pet store.  

One of the most popular types of beds are like big beanbags and they sink beneath your pet’s weight and create a natural cradle.   Many dogs find this kind of bed really comfortable and safe feeling.  

You can also get dog beds that look like rubber rafts.   These are boat shaped dog beds that have fleece linings. These are also sometimes called bagel dog beds.  You can also buy dog beds that look a bit like soft caves. Dogs love these because it appeals to their den instincts. They are shaped like slightly stiff pitas.   The base is foam and there is a stiff fabric arch inside that allows the dog to really get inside and retreat from it all.

 If your pet has back or hip problems you can also buy ones that are as high tech and ergonomic as the ones for humans. Examples are the Pet Ortho Mattress and the Memory Foam Bed that are specifically designed to relive stress on your dog’s joints and bones.  D

og beds are also usually made from fabric that is waterproof, stain proof and that is easy to clean.   The manufacturer to prevent them from gathering hair, mold, fungus or bacteria treats many dog beds.   In fact one of the main benefits of keeping a dog bed in your house is that it can keep your home a lot cleaner as the pet will tend to do the main part of its shedding or dander loss in the pet bed.