Dealing With A Piddler

Dealing with a dog that urinates can be a delicate matter. For the most part most pets do not want to do this. They usually have a good reason for urinating where they are not supposed. Usually they are anxious, fearful, and sick or it could be you forgot to take him or her outside and you are being left a big hint.

Here are some times for dealing with a dog that seems to be piddling for no reason.

Never physically discipline a dog by sticking its nose in the puddle of urine. You are simply triggering messages in the doggie brain that mean, ,this is the place to do my stuff. A dog associates smell with locating or tracking and he may think it is okay to go there again. You are giving him permission to go in the same spot because the dog does not find the smell of urine unpleasant.

Never punish a dog with any type of spanking, hitting, choking or name-calling. The dog will simply become more anxious and more than likely repeat the offense. Dogs piddle and urinate. It is a fact of life. If you can’t handle it, than you don’t deserve to own a dog. Hitting a dog is childish and it will just make the dog more anxious and fearful. Dogs that are scared of their own become submissive urinators.

Take your dog for regular walks. Don’t lock your dog inside the house for hours or neglect taking him out regularly. A dog doesn’t have any more control over his or her urge to urinate than you do. Hitting a dog that you have neglected to walk is a lousy thing to do. In fact accidents that result from neglecting to walk the dog are totally your fault.

If you know you have an alpha dog, then know that it will take months and months to potty train him. Alpha dogs will resist you by urinating on items to mark their territory and show you whose boss. If this type of dominant alpha dog behavior is the real cause of accidents in your relationship than dog-training classes can help your dog recognize who is boss.

If you know that you are the owner of a submissive dog then be aware that he may piddle when excited or intimidated. There may be nothing you can do to correct this as such a dog is not easily trained out of submissive behaviors.

Don’t clean your home with ammonia-based cleaners. This smells like the urine of another animal to some dogs and they may lift their leg to mark their territory.

There are other alternatives to cleaning urine that do not attract dogs and make your home smell really high. The baking soda based ones are good. Try to get the odor out so that your dog does not identify it as being a safe place to go in the home.