Which Cats Are the Friendliest

The best pet is not really determined by breed but rather by the cat’s body shape. The cats with the most sociable personalities tend to be ones with shorter legs and low slung bellies that look like pouches.

The slimmer and more sinewy the cat, the more demanding, vocal and hyperactive it usually it is. A good example of this is the Siamese cat, which is considered to be one of the most the most lively, vocal, chatty and intelligent breeds. A drawback is that they can have a little bit too much of a personality and make a lot of noise. These cats can learn to stay quiet however and they are very trainable. One problem is that many Siamese can suffer from separation anxiety and yowl when you leave home. This is not good if you live in close quarters or in an apartment.

Similar breeds to the Siamese cat are the Cornish Rex, Oriental Shorthaired, Abyssinian, and Balinese. Their owners who find themselves at the animal’s beck and call have even described some of these breeds as bossy. However if you require a lot of company then you love these breeds.

A mixed breed cat with a stocky body is probably laid back and friendly. This type of cat is voted most likely to watch television to you. They are probably related to the Persian, which is considered by the Cat Fancier Association to be the easiest going of the breed cats. Persians love to be stroked and patted. Others breeds that love to be patted are stocky breeds such as the British Shorthaired, Exotic Shorthaired, and the Sacred Cat of Burma. Look for a belly that is more likely to graze the ground when the cat walks. This is a sign that the cat is calmer in character.

In the middle of the spectrum for body type and personality is the pedigreed American Shorthaired. It has a middle of the road personality and it makes a good cat. The domestic shorthaired is what is casually referred to as the alley cat. They can have short hair or long hair. They can be every bit as loving as a pedigreed cat. One cue as to how they might behave is to look at the cat’s body type. If it is lithe and muscular it will be an extrovert. If it is short and stocky it will be more laid back like a Persian cat.

When shopping for the cat that would make the best companion for you need to be careful not to stereotype a cat just because it is a certain breed. Although the information in this blog is generally correct you should also keep in mind that most cats have a personality just like humans do. There are quite calm Siamese and needy, screaming American shorthairs as well.