The Most Loved Cat is An Indoor Cat

There are all kinds of cat lovers out there that will disagree but when it comes to being a responsible pet owner there is only way to behave and that is to never let your cat go outdoors unless it is carefully supervised.

This brings roars of protests from cat owners who will say things about cat nature and fresh air but the truth is that even in the country a cat has a lot of predators and is vulnerable to diseases. In the city it is even worse. So if you want your cat to live a long tie then don’t let it wander around outdoors.  

This is not just opinion. It is the advice of veterinarians, rescue organizations and humane societies. In fact some humane societies will not help out an owner who has left their cat outdoors. Some rescue organizations and humane societies will not even let you adopt a cat if you have any intention of letting it outside. Your request to adopt will be outright refused. Also at some humane societies you are also charged more for medical treatment if you bring them a cat that has suffered injury due to being let outdoors. You might even end up having your cat taken away from you.

In essence, if you let your cat roam around unsupervised outdoors in this day and age you are considered to be parent if something happens to it.

Why is letting your cat outside so objected to by all of these experts? Here is a short list of just a few of the risks to its health and well-being that an outdoor cat faces.

1. Being run over by a vehicle.

2. Eating poisonous plants.

3. Drinking antifreeze in a garage

4. Eating rat or raccoon poison

5. Injury or death caused by a fight with other cats

6. Contracting a fatal disease such as Feline Aids or Feline Leukemia

7. Abuse from mentally ill or addicted people

8. Abuse from annoyed neighbors

9. Getting lost

10. Getting stolen and then sold as bait for illicit gaming

11. Getting stolen and then sold to a laboratory

12. Contracting parasites, fleas, ticks and ringworms

Maintaining an indoor cat is also less expensive. For one thing your cat will need less vaccinations over the course of its lifetime. You will also be spared the expense of items such as a microchip,

You can buy cat leads and leashes that can allow you to take your cat for a walk just like a dog. Leads can be as long as thirty feet so your cat has room to roam.

Ultimately though the decision whether or not to let your cat roam free might just come down to how perceptive you are about the dangers in your neighbourhood. Times have changed and it is very old fashioned to think that a cat left to roam outside will be taken care of by “Mother Nature” somehow. Nothing could be further from the truth especially in an urban area.