Teaching Your Dog To Come

Teaching your dog to come is absurdly easily. It is also the first command you should teach your dog as it will help you control where the dog goes. Using this command at the right time can also save your dog’s life. You can use the command to steer him or her away from oncoming traffic or away from a porcupine.  

You can start teaching your puppy the “come” command on the first day that you bring him home.   Usually your puppy will just like you enough to do it and without much resistance.    This command is one of the most important because you want your dog to return to you under any circumstances, whether he is chasing another dog in the park or looking like he wants to follow a sexy poodle all the way home.  

Not only is the come command an easy command for canines to understand; it also establishes a loving and familiar bonds between the two of you. It establishes you as the leader. You want to avoid going to where your dog is as that puts you at the wrong end of the power struggle. Always make your dog come to you.   If you are chasing your dog then he or she has taught you how to ,come, and not the other way around.  

To teach your dog to “come” without using a leash, stand four or five feet from your dog and tell him ,Sport! (or whatever your dog’s name is ..) Come!, in a very happy voice. When your dog approaches you, pet him, praise him and tell him ,Good Boy!, (or ,Good Girl!,) and give him a treat.  Don’t repeat the lesson right away but repeat it several times a day, making sure you reward him fast enough and in a way that makes it obvious to the dog that it is the act of approaching you that is earning the reward.  Most dogs have a four second memory so make sure you have that treat handy.

is a good idea to keep them in your pocket out of the sight of the dog so that the treat’s sudden appearance is like a sudden miracle form the doggie point of view.  Never call your dog to you if you’re angry or use a commanding, stern tone of voice. This might convince him to avoid you.   When you say, ,Come, you don’t want the dog trotting the other way.   He needs motivation.  

To teach your dog the ,Come, command using a leash start walking with your dog at your side. As you’re in motion, take a sudden step back or to the side, snap the lead to turn him toward you and give him the ,Sport, Come!, command. Then walk backwards as he moves toward you and encourage him to follow as you repeat the command. Praise him generously when he follows you. Repeat until he gets the idea that ,Come, means he should come with you.  Remember that f you are using a leash, the ,Come, command should never be a tug of war contest of brute strength between you and your dog.