Making a Cat Toilet From Plastic Wrap

You have probably seen those commercial cat toilets in pet stores and realized by now that they can go for a pretty penny, in some cases as much as forty bucks for some cardboard cutouts or what essentially is just a plastic bowl with a hole cut in the bottom.   The good news is that there are cheaper options for making cat toilets.  

If you really want to make a cat toilet on a budget then try the plastic wrap method. However keep in mind that this method best suits a cat that is lighter in weight and also light on its feet as the plastic can easily be ripped. The method suits kittens best of all but make sure it is a smart kitten you are training as some cats cannot relate to the idea of ,see-through, plastic at all. They simply end up falling in the toilet all the time instead.  

To make a plastic wrap cat toilet all you have to do is stretch plastic cross your toilet seat and secure it with clips or duct tape.   You can put the lid of the seat down to make it more secure or you can stretch it across the actual plastic seat lid. It depends on how big your cat is. Once you have fitted the plastic sheet on top of the bowl somehow you then sprinkle litter is on top. This gives the cat the idea that the top of the toilet is where they are supposed to squat and eliminate.  

Of course the main risk of this method is that the cat will rip the plastic with claws and fall into the toilet, be drowned or be smothered by the loose plastic. This is why you should assess the danger, especially if you have a kitten even though the method is actually most recommended for kittens.   The reason is that it the plastic is supposed to be less intimidating for the smaller animal because they can see into the toilet. Still if you were using this method with a kitten I would keep an eye on it while it is learning.  With all of the above methods it is absolutely necessary that you use flushable litter. This makes the training easier for you as you can empty the plastic sheet straight into the toilet and flush it away.   It also makes for a quicker clean up. Also you will have no problems with litter that falls through the holes in the plastic, into the toilet. You can just “flush” that away as well.  

A word of warning though , your probably don’t want to flush the plastic that you used for the litter ,tray, down the toilet as that will probably clog your pipes.  It is also essential that you use genuine flushable litter and not clumping litter. Clumping litter is especially not because it can clog up your pipes. Make sure that the label on the kitty litter box specifically says ,Flushable Litter, and not anything else.