Low Maintenance Small Breeds

People often ask me which dogs are the least trouble.   Here is a list of what I consider to be the most low maintenance of all the dog breeds.  American Water Spaniel ,This is a hardy, healthy dog. It is expensive but you are paying for the great personality. It is good with children. This sturdy medium sized dog is hard to find but the expense of paying for the breed is made up by the fact that it is one of the hardiest and healthiest breeds that exists. This makes it a good investment. It is smaller so it can live in an apartment. The breed is good with dogs, cats and children but it does require vigorous exercise to work off excess energy.Bedlington Terrier -This unusual looking dog is considered to be brighter and calmer than most terrier breeds. It is of a small to medium size that makes it ideal for an apartment or condo dweller. It is also a good family dog because it can be so easily trained. It also sheds less hair than many other types of dogs.Bichon Frise -This small but sturdy little dog is similar to a toy dog but it is much stronger and sturdier.   It is friendly with both other pets and peopleIts short gnarly coat never sheds so it is one of the better breeds for allergy sufferers. It does not tend to incessantly yap as much as other small watchdogs.Brussels Griffon -This unique toy breed is stronger and sturdier than most tiny dogs. The dog resembles a tiny terrier. It is a spunky eager little dog that is easy to train and keenly intelligent. He is easy to carry and does not need a lot of exercise.Cesky TerrierThis friendly little dog is long bodied and short legged. It has a silky coat that doesn’t shed much. It does not need much exercise and has a relaxed and positive attitude towards family members and other pets.This uncommon breed suits both rural and urban situations but is happiest when other pets and people are around.Coton de TulearThis strong, small dog is one of the hardiest of the toy breeds. It has a long soft coat that doesn’t shed so it is ideal for allergy sufferers. It is not as timid and shaky as other toy breeds and is polite with people and other animals.The Coton de Tulear is one of the better investments, as it is a very healthy breed. It also lives a long time. It is best for single people and apartment dwellers as its small size can easily make it the victim of thoughtless children or larger pets.This massive dog has a short easy to maintain coat and is calm and quiet indoors. Despite its size it needs only moderate exercise.It is one of the most good-natured of the larger dogs and makes an excellent watchdog and personal guardian.It is best suited to owners without families who need a large quiet dog to protect them.Low Chen -This small elegant dog is one of the easiest to train and is very healthy and long-lived. He has a fun but also sensible personality that makes him ideal to take anywhere. He is very polite with other animals and strangers. This friendly little dog doesn’t need a lot of exercise and is ideal for apartment dwellers. The fact that it is so easily trained also makes it an ideal family pet and an easier pet to take with you on the road if your lifestyle involves a lot of travel.