Is Your Cat EasilyToilet Trained?

Not every cat is suitable for toilet training. Some cats resist the idea simply because they don’t like water. Some cats also don’t like the sound of toilet because it frightens them.  However if your cat likes hanging around the bathroom or toilet in the first place then he or she might even enjoy toilet training.  

The ideal candidate is the type of cat that is always hanging around when you turn on a faucet in the house, sitting in the sink or playing in toilet water.  Animal experts say that outgoing and confident cats make better candidates for toilet training simply because they are more reckless and cocky in general. Shy, submissive cats get very nervous if they can’t cover their feces after they go. They are terrified of being tracked by predators.  Confident and outgoing cats don’t care who sees their business after they do it. They deliberately leave their urine and feces exposed in the litter box to mark territory. When they do this, this means that they are not scared of anyone. The cat that does this is going to mind having his or her feces exposed in an unlashed toilet.  An insecure cat however may be very distressed by the fact that the feces cannot be covered up as usual. If you are not around to flush the toilet then the cat might resort to yowling.  

Before trying to train your cat, observe its behavior in the litter box for a bit. Does it spend a lot of time scurrying around and shuffling sand and fussing physically over its feces?   If so you are looking at a cat that might have a nervous breakdown if you to try train it , the feline equivalent of the anal human.  If the cat leaves the feces completely exposed or gives his feces just a few kicks then you have a good candidate for toilet training. A cat that kicks litter out of the box also is showing the kind of cockiness that is needed to be toilet trained successfully.  

It would be a mistake to think that a cat that won’t learn how to toilet train is not smart. In fact it is probably the alpha cat (the leader of the pack in the den) that will be the most difficult to condition to toilet training behavior.  The cats that do succeed at toilet training are the ones that aim to please you. These are the friendly cats, that love to be patted and that seem to have no fear. Usually these cats are more vocal than other cats and are willing to talk to you and make eye contact.  Overweight cats are not great candidates for toilet training. If they fall in the toilet they have difficulty getting out because they are unwieldy. Falling in the toilet, by the way, is very nightmarish for most cats and could cause other types of neurotic behaviors in the long run such as developing a fear of going outside or of water.