Is the Pet Rewards Platinum Visa Worth It?

The Rewards Platinum Visa is worth checking into if you like credit cards that also give you reward points. The PetRewards Platinum Plus Visa card is for pet lovers who want a credit card with a rewards program that allows them to earn points towards towards veterinary services, pet food discount certificates, and shelter donations. The Bank of America issues it. It sounds like a great card but there are some points about it that you should be aware of you.

The Pet Rewards Platinum Visa is one of those cards that gives you a 0% introductory APR on purchases and six months cash advance checks for your first 6 billing cycles. However this does not apply to cash balances at any time that you do own the card. Another thing to realize here is that the ,real, interest rate that kicks in after six months is 18.24%. That is also the rate for any cash advances. If you miss a payment on any bill that you own you can also be charged 18.25% rate at the discretion of the credit card company before the six-month 0% trial rate is up.

However this card does have quite a generous credit line of $25,000 if you qualify for it. You can also get insurance, including extended car rental and warranty coverage on services and purchases for up to a year.

The best thing about it is the rewards program for veterinary services and pet products is generous and you can put your pet’s picture on your credit card! You learn two points for every dollar spent at participating veterinary clinics, pet food retailers, farm and feed stores, and one point for all other purchases.

The worst thing about it is that you need a high credit rating to get accepted for a PetRewards Platinum Plus VISA. Otherwise you may not be offered the card at the good introductory rate.

There are some perks that come with the card, especially if you are the sentimental type are reminded of your pet every time you pay. You customize your the PetRewards Platinum Plus Visa card by putting your pet’s picture on your credit card. Otherwise you can choose from several pet-related card designs.
You can put your points toward charitable pet related causes. Aside from earning points towards pet products and pet related services you can also put your points towards shelter donations. You can start redeeming points fast. You can start redeeming products and services for as low as 750 points

PetRewards Platinum Plus VISA comes with the Bank of America’s Purchase Replacement program. This feature provides for repair or replacement for covered purchases that are stolen, damaged or lost at a known location, within 90 days of the date of purchase.

The lack of an annual fee is attractive as is the generous amount of miles offered by the PetRewards Platinum Plus VISA card. The points are quickly earned and are good for both donating money and getting big discounts on pet-related services and goods. The introductory rate expires is quite high so it is not a good card to carry a balance on month to month.