Humor and Dog Pictures

You have probably noticed that there are paces on the Internet that allow you to submit funny dog pictures. Pet lovers love these sites and if you have any funny dog pictures of your own you should upload them as they can bring lots of joy to a lot of people.

Taking your own funny dog pictures simple. All you need is a camera that you can easily operate as sometimes dogs don’t hold a good pose for too long! You need to be able to snap that picture quick. A digital camera with a wide-angle lens setting is good so that you can keep the dog in focus in case he or she suddenly decides to move. A camera that takes many pictures in a row in a burst is also good.

There are several ways to make your dog automatically look funny. The first way is to simply put your dog in a hat. On the sites online devoted to funny dog pictures you will notice that you will see dogs wearing everything from witch’s hats to chef hats to baby bonnets. Sometimes the humor is accentuated by the fact that the hat is either very large or very teeny. Add a bowtie or sunglasses and you have an instant piece of dog humor.

People also enjoy looking at dog pictures where the animal seems to be doing the same thing as a human. This can include things like watching television, having its temperature taken when it is sick or playing poker.

Some of the funniest dog pictures on the Internet don’t have any costumes or props at all. Many pictures devoted to pets feature them relaxing or adopting human behaviors in some way. Humor is a dog lying stretched out with its belly exposed like an unemployed bum lying on your couch.

Other funny pictures could have to do with the way dogs interact with children. Many dogs simply think they are human and will do things like eat the baby’s food or jump up into the baby’s cradle.

Puppies have a natural innocence that makes them entertaining to look at. A group of puppies provides even more entertainment value as they are so cute when they decide to interact with each other. If you have a group of puppies and want to take excellent dog pictures then try placing them in situations where they are bound to be the most photogenic, such as on a beach, in the bathtub or inside a Christmas stocking.

If you are taking dog pictures and find out that you have ended up with a red eye effect there are all kinds of online programs that you can use to remove this effect so that your pet does not look like it has the evil Red Eye.