How to Teach Your Dog To Bow

It is so easy to teach your dog how to your bow. You just have to catch him at the right moment when he is already bowing and sooner or later he will get the idea. When you see your dog take a big stretch, with his head down low, say, ,Take a bow., Every time he wakes up and stretches say, ,Take a bow.,   This will eventually catch on in your dog’s head.    Some day you will say, ,Take a bow., and your dog will take a big stretch, but it will look like he is bowing. As soon as he is finished, give him the treat.

Sometimes you have to be a little more blatant with the food lures to get your dog to bow.   Place a treat between a standing dog’s front paws.   The dog’s first instinct will be to look down and go for the treat. As he does this, with his rear still launched in the air, keep repeating the command ,Bow!,  If it seems that it is too easy for the dog to get the treat, then try placing it just behind his two front legs so he must bend his head and look between his legs to see it.   The dog will now naturally perform a bow just to keep his balance.   Keep repeating the word bow and repeat this ritual until he bows when you say the command.  

Most dogs make the association between the word and the action very quickly but it can depend on the swiftness of the individual dog.  If the dog lies down or even somersaults to get the treat instead of bowing, gently put your hand on underneath his tummy while the dog is standing. This should keep his rear half from descending to the ground.  If your dog doesn’t respond to treats. In this case, begin by kneeling next to the dog with one hand on his shoulder and the other supporting his belly. Now say the ,Bow! , command and gently apply pressure to his shoulder while keeping his rear end aloft with your hand, Repeat this, saying ,bow, every time and rewarding the dog for being forced into the position. Once he starts getting it, you won’t have to apply so much pressure anymore and the dog gets the idea of what you what him to do.  

If you are working with a really big dog, you might not be able to force him into any position. In this case, kneel next to the dog and put one hand on his tummy and the other on his forelegs. Now say the command ,Bow!, and gently grab his front legs. Start pulling the front legs forward until the big dog finds himself in the BOW position.   Be sure to be very gentle and praise the dog generously.  

Warning , never pull a dog’s hind legs too hard if you are using the above method as you do not want to cause the dog any injury.