Help Your Pet Live Better

There was an interesting article in the Seattle Intelligencer the other day. It was all about how you can make our lives better for your pets.

GET ID YOUR PET: Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald of Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets” and “E-Vet Interns” says pet ID is how you can keep your pets safe. Fitzgerald says that only 30 percent of the strays that they see at his Denver practice have a chip or a collar tag. If they had this chip they could have been returned home.

PREPARE FOR PROBLEMS: Put together a first-aid kit for your pets. Dr. Fitzgerald recommends that you keep gauze, sponges, cotton balls, triple antibiotic ointment, penlight and a thermometer on hand in case anything happens. If you do not want to put a kit together you can buy one at pet suppliers. You should also put your pet’s phone number on your speed dial for good measure.

EXERCISE YOUR PET’S BODY: Make sure that your dog or cat is getting the running, walking and playing they need. Like humans there is an epidemic of obesity among our pets. For dogs a walk around the park doesn’t do it. Your dog needs to be running hard so that it is panting or at least fifteen minutes a day to stay trim and slim.

EXERCISE YOUR PET’S BRAIN: Dogs and cats can end up being couch potatoes too. They need a feeling that hey has a job or purpose. Play with your cat or dog often. Buy him or her toys they can play with on their home. Above all talk to your pet often and see if you can teach them tricks. Remember too that more than half the time the pet thinks he is taking care of you and not vice versa so remembers to thank him or her for it.

KEEP ANIMALS CLEAN: Don’t let your dog or cat walks around mucky or with knotted or matted fur. Clip your pet’s nails regularly to prevent discomfort and the need for the animal to short their claws on doorposts and furniture. Clean the litter box regularly to avoid diseases and dirty litter to be tracked all over the house.

BUY BETTER QUALITY FOOD: Have you been feeding your dog or cat whatever is the cheapest food or the same old food that he likes. Make an attempt to feed them ore healthy food at least now and then. Yes it is more expensive but it will keep them in good health and also spare you future trips to the vet for health problems. You can find great food at If you would like to save money you can get PetFoodDirect Coupons at . Getting a bargain with coupons is always great.

MAKE YOUR PET PART OF THE FAMILY , Dogs and cats know when they are not wanted. The sad trend is for people to start ignoring pets once they are no longer puppies or kittens. Resolve this year that you will make your pet feel as if he or she belongs and spend more attention with him or her.

If you think of all of the above like New Year’s Resolutions that improve your pet’s life you are on the right track.