Friendly Cat Breeds

 Some cat breeds are friendlier than others. The friendliest breeds tend to be the ones that have a fatter body shape. If the cat is shaped like a loaf of bred it will probably very laid back and affectionate. If it is long and lean and agile it may not be as interested in bonding with you.   Breeders have also noticed that the cats with the most sociable personalities tend to be the purebreds.  The stockier and lower set the body of the cat is the more likely it is to be friendly.

The friendliest cat of all, according to Cat Fancier Association is the Persian, which loves to be patted. Other friendly cat breeds include the British Shorthair, Exotic short hair and the Sacred Cat of Burma. If the cat’s belly looks like it could graze the ground when it walks then it is likely to be very friendly and that is certainly true of a cat like a Burmese (sometimes spelled Birmese). It is also likely to be a bit lazier than the leaner scrawnier looking breeds.

 In general, the slimmer the cat the more demanding and vocal it is. A good example of this is the Siamese cat, which is intelligent, high-strung and very chatty.   Some people find that they can be too vocal and develop a voice that sounds like constant whining or complaining. Breeds that also have this tendency which some people find cute and others find annoying are the Abyssinian and the Balinese.   These breeds are very people friendly even though they don’t really fit into the fat and cuddly body shape category.  

One cue as to how  a new kitten  might behave as a pet  is to look at the cat’s body type.   If it is lithe and muscular it will be an extrovert. If it is short and stocky it will be more laid back like a Persian cat.  According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, the Maine Coon is a fairly friendly cat. They are also better with children than most cats.

Another good choice is the Oriental cat. It looks like a Siamese but it has a coat of many colors. It is also a playful cat that seems to chat a lot with its owner.      American Short Hairs are also high on the list of the Cat Fancier Associations friendliest cats.  A unique choice is a Scottish Fold. This is a very mellow and affectionate cat t hat is known for strangely folded ears.  

Burmese are short stocky sturdy little cats that are usually grayish blue or coal black. It is prized for it’s playful, affectionate nature.  Other popular breeds include the wavy-haired Cornish Rex, The Tonkinese, (a hybrid) of the Burmese and the Siamese and The Bengal (which is an Asian cat crossed with a leopard. These are more exotic breeds that have been bred specifically to get along the best with humans. However they tend to be harder to find and more expensive.