Finding A Vet for a Pedigree Cat

If you own a pedigree cat the best way to find a great veterinarian   is to phone your local rescue organization for your breed. They usually have the best recommendations regarding veterinary care because they know about all about the medical vulnerabilities .

 Otherwise you should make plans for find a ,regular doctor, for your cat. You should always be prepeared as there is nothing worse than having a medical emergency to do with your pet and no veterinarian to turn to for help.  

The best way to approach looking for a veterinarian for your cat is to treat it as if you were looking for a personal doctor for yourself. Here are some questions you should ask when you are checking out a vet for the first tiem.  Is the place clean or does it smell like a feces or urine?Are the people friendly as well as knowledgeable or do they act like they have no time for you. Do the medical equipment and other technology seem up to date? Is there any medical equipment missing such as a weight scale? Can you hear animals howling or in distress? Would my cat be comfortable in the “kennel room”? Does this look like a safe place for my pet to have to spend the night or longer if need be? Do my gut instincts tell me this is not a place that I can trust with the care of my pet or do I feel like I can trust the staff?  

In essence you are looking for a vet that can easily refer you to an emergency service if needed or that has an emergency service it can provide in-house. It might also be important to find an experienced doctor for your cat, especially if it is older. Veterinarians that send out reminders by email or snail mail about when your pet’s shots are due, diseases going around and other important information are preferable to ones that seem to be too busy to be involved in their community.  One way to get feedback about vets is to simply ask your neighbours and freinds. When it comes to pets very few people lie about the credibility of their doctors. Ask friends, neighbors, family members, animal shelters, and local cat breeders about who the best vet in your area is.    

Once you have found a few prospects to be your pet’s doctor you should then write down some pertinent questions to be answered by an employee at the clinic. Usually an employee, not the busy vet, is the one who will be instructed to deal with general questions. I

f the vet is a really good vet and you have a particular question about your cat breed or a specific question the clinic will immediately book you and your pet an appointment for a consultation.   An excellent vet will call you back right away, no charge to see how your pet is and if everything is okay. However this gentle   and attentive old style vet is becoming rarer and rarer especially in the big cities.