Dog Charms

Are you in the mood to decorate your dog? There is no reason why your dog shouldn’t boast a bling or two while you are showing each other off as you stroll down the avenue. This is a trend that has been started by diva like pet owners such as Paris Hilton and Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor has been dressing up her dogs long before it became all the rage.

The ultimate in pampering your pet is decorating him or her with a collar decked out in Italian or dangling charms. Some of these dog charms are so nice you will want to wear them yourself. Like human jewelry, pet jewelry ranges from being as cheap as a rhinestone to as expensive as pure gold. One key to protecting a charm that is really expensive is to coat in clear nail polish. That way if it dips from your dog’s neck into his or her drinking water it won’t tarnish. You can find great charms at ¬† If you would like to save money you can get Petco Coupons at . Getting a deal with coupons is always great.

There are several sites online that take to the dog charm business to its glittering extreme. Many of these outlets sell tags and no dangling jewelry in gold and silver. You can also buy Italian style charms that link together that you choose and connect into a collar yourself or you can buy the pre-fabricated ones that spell out phrases such as ,Spoiled Brat,, ,Diva, or ,Top Dog. There is also a large selection of enameled and delicate rhinestone charms to hang from your pet’s collar both online and in pet stores. Sometimes you can find these types of charms in dollar stores or novelty shops.

You can also charms made out of sterling silver that can be hung from a collar. These charms can also be engraved with a requested phrase. You can also get matching doggie and owner charm set. So your doggie can wear a charm with you around his neck and you can wear his breed around your own. Of course this kind of dog jewelry can also be customized with your birthstones as well.

If you don’t want to dangle a charm from your pet’s neck you can always buy a charm that honors your relationship for yourself and wear it. Some dog owners like to put a picture of their dog inside a little locket. Conversely you could put your picture along the dogs information inside a locket on his collar in case he or she ever gets lost.

Of course you don’t have to wear the real article although the genuine silver dog charm really is the bling to have. You can buy plenty of plastic ones and knock offs that won’t make you feel remorse if it happens to fall off of your dog’s neck while he or she is taking a run through a park.