Carpet Cleaning Pet Stains

If you have any kind of pet you are probably dealing with a dirty carpet of some kind thanks to nature’s little accidents. Carpet steam way is one of the mosteffective ways to clean a carpet and most modern day manufacturers also recommend it as the method to use so you don’t damage your carpet further. Carpet fibers are not usually ever damaged by steam, which after all is merely hot water.

However as safe as carpet steam cleaning may be there are some types of carpet fibers that can be damaged by the process. This is especially true if the carpet is made from a very thin or delicate thread such a silk. Steam cleaning might not be ideal for antique carpets either. If your pet has gone and stained one of these types of carpets you may have to live with the discoloration or smell, as there are not many successful cleaning methods for this.

The process of carpet steam cleaning is based on a very simple principle. To deep clean a carpet, steam cleaning removes stubborn dirt particles by drawing dirt from out of the depths of the fibers and then removing what is revealed on the surface before it has a chance to stain. Typically carpet steam cleaning uses a liquid based cleaning agent which can be vaporized or turned to steam in a steam cleaning machine that is either used by a professional or rented by yourself to clean your carpet. These machines are also sometimes referred to as steam vacuum cleaners or as carpet extractors. The best performing machines or the self contained ones that also have built-in vacuum cleaner. Sometimes when you are using these machines you can actually see the yellow urine being sucked up from your carpet and into the tank of the machine. The process might also be a bit smelly as moisture is added to the original urine stain. Often it smells like ammonia.

Renting a carpet steam-cleaning machine is one of the simplest ways to clean your carpet. After selecting the cleaning solution that is right for your carpet fibers follow the instructions provided in the carpet steam cleaning machine user’s manual. All you need to do is move the machine over the entire carpet surface. Then, move the extractor over the carpet surface (as directed in the user’s manual), The extractor injects the cleaning solution into the carpet in the form of steam or vapors that pushes dirt upwards and the inbuilt vacuum sucks the dirt up. This process is completed in a few minutes, and with some of the newer machines, even a few seconds.

Carpet steam cleaning is probably one of the most powerful ways to extract pet urine. This is because as a method it does not just clean the surface of the fibers but it also cleans the carpet base as well as the carpet fibers. It can help you get rid of that pet smell for good.