Aggressive Dogs Don’t Fix Themselves!

If you have an aggressive dog, the dog will not change. You need to do something.   Your dog is a walking time bomb.  

Most people respond to violent dogs by being abusive or violent themselves.   You should never let a dog change your character in that way. Although violent or harsh discipline may work for a while with a naturally dominant dog or an alpha dog, over time he may become even more aggressive. This is because his natural reaction is to fight back against threats. The dog will develop a hair-trigger violent response to stimuli that you can’t see coming until it is too late.  

If you have a dog that displays aggressive tendencies, toward you, your family or other animals, I urge you to immediately locate a trained behaviorist or dog trainer who is knowledgeable about aggressive dogs. An aggressive dog is not something that most people can handle with any degree of safety or confidence simply because the pet is very unpredictable.  

Second guessing an aggressive dog is futile.    When it comes to treating aggressive or irritable canine behavior, an animal behaviorist is preferred as they generally have a more experience and knowledge about the specifics of animal behavior. However there are some fantastic dog trainers out there as well who can assist with aggressive stuff as well.  

To find either a dog trainer or animal behaviorist, look first in your local yellow pages. You can also ask at the local humane society and phone veterinarian offices for local referrals to find these types of professionals in your area. Friends can also recommend a good behaviorist if they were once in the same pickle as you.  

Before you commit to hiring the behaviorist, try to find out what kind of behavioral training the professional trainer or animal behaviorist uses to correct your dog’s behavior. Avoid those that use violent and inhumane methods such as electric collar trainer or the Koehler method.  Before you select a trainer or behaviorist visit their office, ask for references and certificates and make sure that he or she has never lost or hurt a dog for any reason. It also helps to try and gain information to see if the professional has a history of any of the dogs that were trained in the past as having to being euthanized.  

Usually your local humane society, veterinarian or Better Business Bureau can also give you information about a trainer.  If you do have an aggressive dog, seek help immediately. If you own an aggressive dog, it means that you have lost control as the master of your pet. This means that anything can happen, including an attack from your dog that could result in him having to be put down.   This should be totally unnecessary in this day and age when we know so much about dogs. Still so many people refuse to heed the warning signals that there dog is about to snap and don’t do anything until they are litigated by somebody who has been bitten!