Advantages of Toilet Training Your Cat

There are tons of advantages to toilet training your cat and in this blog I am going to describe just a few of the ways cat toilet training can improve your life.  

First of all you are going to eliminate that musky smell of kitty liter mixed with ammonia that is always so much a part of being a cat owner. No longer will you suffer this stench as urine builds up in clumps in your litter box.   You will also not be subjected to the smell of feces.  The other good thing about getting your cat to use the toilet is that most bathrooms are ventilated with fans.   This helps eliminate any odor caused by a cat. Most cat litter boxes really smell simply because they are always located in places where there is little air such as behind doors or under staircases.  

No more lugging around heavy bags of kitty litter from the grocery store. Your arms will thank you.   It will also eliminate the absurdity in life for paying absolutely good money for what are essentially designer brands of dirt (Multi-cat, with baking soda, flushing, clumping, anti-bacterial etc.) Everything simply gets flushed away instead.  

You can also stop spending money on baking soda, deodorizers and candles as there will be no more kitty litter box odor to disguise.   The odor will also be less noticeable on your clothing.  Another bonus is that you won’t be vacuuming up all that cat litter that gets tracked all over the house once your cat is done using the box. Sometimes you just don’t feel like cuddling your cat if it smells too much like the litter box.

Another problem that is eliminated is that kitty litter that gets caught between your cat’s toes and then is tracked all over you bed, linen and pillows at nap time.  If you go away for a weekend you no longer have to get someone to enter your litter box for you although they might want to visit to flush the toilet.  There will also be more cash in your pocket as the need diminishes to spend money on things like big plastic trays, hoods for kitty litter boxes, automatic litter cleaning devices and all of the other things one needs to maintain a clean litter box.

No more spending money on cleaners to wipe up spills or get ground in kitty litter out of your carpet.  You also keep the environment in general more hygienic. This is especially important if you have a pregnant mother, a new baby or toddlers in the house (who may try to play with cat feces.) If the feces are flushed away there is nothing for vulnerable individuals to be concerned about.  Another perk is it makes your cat look really smart. In fact, toilet training is one of the better cat tricks that you can teach your feline and she will look very clever if one of your guests catch her in the act.