About Cat Enclosures

 Most vets, humane societies and rescue organizations are now currently recommending that people keep their cat indoors. Installing a cat enclosure is is the best way to keep cats happy while also keeping them inside. The purpose of these structures  to give them a protected  place where they can loll about in the sun and yet still have a view of the street or garden.  

Keeping your cats indoors is the responsible thing to do and protects cats from injury, infection, being run over by a car and kidnapping. Cats do not necessarily suffer if they are not also adept well to indoor living. That is why they makes such good pets in the first place. They can adapt to all kinds of different situations.  

Still cats need some light, exposure to sun and a little visual stimulation. That’s where cat enclosures come in. These enclosures allow your cat limited access to the great outdoors without exposing him or her to the dangers. Different types of enclosures include cheap window ledge perches to window-mounted bays to large and elaborate wood and wire courtyards to plastic enclosures with holes in them to cat proof fencing.

Outdoor cat enclosures can help keep your cat safe while providing fresh air and fun in the sun. They can be a big help in keeping kitty happy, contented, and safe.  The least expensive type of cat enclosure is the window perch. It is merely a platform that can be attached to your windowsill so that your cat can watch the activity outside the window.

These usually cost less than $50 and are easily installed with wood or metal wall braces. They can look like perches, hammocks or baskets.  Window bay cat enclosures fit are acrylic or polyethylene boxes that allow your kitty to sun him or herself as well as a three-sided view and venting that gives the cat a whiff of fresh air.

These usually cost between $80 and $150 depending on the manufacturer.  Freestanding enclosures that attach to your home can be bought as kits or you can build your own quite easily and inexpensively. These usually cost between $100 and $300 per kit and can be installed you.   These freestanding cat enclosures are similar to little green houses complete with carpeting, shelves for sunning and venting for air.  A larger and more elaborate structure is the outdoor cat habitat. These also look like little greenhouses include screened patios and decks, sunrooms and multipurpose and dual-species habitats.

These can range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in price. The appearance of an outdoor cat habitat really depends on the design of your house and the limits of your pocket book.  

Perhaps the easiest way to start building any enclosure is to think of how you can incorporate an existing architectural component of your home into the design. Design. For example, patios, porches and decks make great starting places for enclosures that both cats and humans can enjoy. A patio can be wood framed and secured with wire fencing can help keep predators out and your cats safely within range of your home’s entrance.